Why MBA?

Because its power is undisputed and the MBA is often the best decision that young professionals take. However, getting an MBA is expensive. The opportunity cost is also high and the risk exists that getting an MBA might be counterproductive.

The decision of getting an MBA cannot be taken lightly.

Instead, we are strong advocates of approaching the decision as a general manager would approach a strategic decision. The top management of any given company doesn’t decide in a hurry to mobilise most of its capital for a strategic investment. Instead, they carefully analyse it. They have teams of experts providing them with complete analysis, risk assessment and other SWOT analysis to help them take the decision. And this is exactly how you should approach your decision to pursue your MBA.
Here’s a quick infographic that will help you kickstart your decision process. You will find below the top 9 reasons to pursue an MBA.

Why MBA? A powerful degree for your career

The career related reasons are naturally decisive in your decision of pursuing an MBA or not. If you are looking at either boosting or switching your career, an MBA is an extremely powerful degree. 89% of surveyed graduates value their degree as professionally rewarding and 76% agree that their MBA prepared them for their chosen career. It is also important to note that 81% agree that their degree prepared them for leadership position. The MBA is, as of today, the most powerful degree on earth.
Equally important, 88% of surveyed employers plan to hire MBA graduates. The figure is the highest in the United States with 91% of employers reporting that they will hire MBA graduates in a near future. Even in Europe, the figure reaches an outstanding 71%. MBA grads are without any doubt in demand.

Why MBA? It changes you

93% of surveyed graduates value their degree as personally rewarding. The time you spend in business school is a time of discovery, friendship, growth and challenges. Ask any MBA graduates; they all have enjoyed their time at school. You will meet people from around the world; with different backgrounds and stories. The world comes to you in all its diversity and you will gain a broader appreciation of the global business world. You will gain confidence working with your classmates and arguing with industry leaders who will be your professors. An MBA is a life changing experience that you will never regret.

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest”
Benjamin Franklin


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