Established under an agreement between the Chinese government and the European Commission in Shanghai in November 1994, CEIBS was the first business school in mainland China to offer a full-time MBA, an Executive MBA and a wide range of Executive Education programmes. CEIBS is ranked 8 in the world, according to the Financial Times (2018 edition). In 2009, CEIBS became the first Chinese business school to make the world’s Top 10 MBA ranking compiled by the FT. Its EMBA programme, ranked 14th worldwide by the same publication in 2017, is the largest in the world, topping 700 students in Shanghai, Beijing, and Shenzhen. In 2012, CEIBS began offering a part-time MBA in Finance. The school also trains about 10,000 students through CEIBS’ short-term executive programs each year. By the end of December 2017, CEIBS had more than 20,000 alumni across the world, and had provided management training for over 130,000 executives.

CEIBS is best known for...

Application Deadlines

Round 1: 7 November 2018

Round 2: 16 January 2019

Round 3: 20 March 2019

Application Fee: $180

Admissions Facts

 Program length: 18 months

Average age of new entrants: 29

 Require standardized test: GMAT/GRE/CEIBS

 Average GMAT score: 682

Require work experience: Yes

 Average work experience: 5 years

Application Essay

Season: 2018


Discuss your post-MBA career aspirations (short term and long term) and explain how you plan to achieve them. (300 words)


  • CEIBS is situated in Shanghai – a truly global city, and the economic center of the world’s soon to be largest economy. Given its unique location, how do you anticipate that Shanghai will differentiate your MBA experience and contribute to your goals? (400 words)
  • Many would argue that entrepreneurship is not necessarily a state of being, but a state of mind. Describe an entrepreneurial experience where you went against the grain or conventional way of thinking, to discover and create new value. (400 words)
  • Identify up to two trends, big or small, that you see unfolding in the next decade. Discuss how the(se) trend(s) might affect you and your career, and how you plan to address them during your MBA and/or after you graduate. (400 words)


As the world’s largest consumer market and fastest growing economy of the last three decades, China has offered outstanding opportunities for international professionals in search of a career boost. Searching for a job or making a career switch outside one’s own market always presents new challenges such as differences in language, culture, etc. In order to optimize your career search and possibilities after graduation, what efforts – outside of utilizing the school’s career services – do you plan to make in order to reach your professional objectives? (400 words)

#4 (Optional)

Is there any other information that you believe would be helpful to the MBA Admission Committee in evaluating your application? Re-applicants are suggested to describe the progress you have made since your previous application. (200 words)

Letter of Recommendation

Season: 2018

Two referee reports are required to complete the application. The two referees can be your current employer, previous employer or corporate client.


  1. Please describe the applicant’s current job responsibilities
  2. In comparison with the applicant’s colleagues, what do you consider to be the applicant’s strengths? How do you think about the applicant’s leadership ability?
  3. In what areas do you think the applicant needs improvement or growth? To the best of your knowledge, what effort(s) has the applicant made to improve in the areas that you have mentioned?
  4. Please comment on the applicant’s ability to work with colleagues, including his or her supervisors, peers, and subordinates.
  5. Please provide any other comments or information that may help us assess the applicant for admission into the CEIBS MBA programme.
  6. Please rate the applicant’s characteristics (Intellectual Ability, Analytical Ability, Organisational Ability, Problem Solving Ability, Innovation Ability, Decisiveness, Leadership Ability, Teamwork Skills, Communication Skills, Integrity, Maturity, Passion, Professionalism) in comparison with his or her peers.

Admissions Verdict



“CEIBS has a well-rounded career placement with 30% of class getting placed in the Financial industry, 18% in technology and 16% in manufacturing. The program based out of Shanghai is highly China-focused however with 86% of the class finding work in Shanghai and other parts of mainland China. Those looking for a career in China will find a few schools better than CEIBS.” Consultant2018

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